After Ever After

I wrote this in 2006, during the poetry chapter of my Creative Writing class. I was an angsty creature at 20 wasn’t I? But I’m definitely quite proud of baby me for writing this. The idea is you can read the italicised part on its own, the normal text on its own, and both altogether.

She thought the palace beautiful, perpetual sunlight.

Its white white white walls glinting

He took her away.

Away from the place where she had felt


She walks up up up up the stairs

to the tower underneath the stars where they dream

and whisper promises

of a love that would last hundreds of lifetimes

They were in love. And they were happy.

She was happy.

Wasn’t she?

She sits on the edge looking down down down to the sharp rocks.

There is pain inside her

choking|strangling|killing her beautiful love

He walks up to the tower, the hallway filled with her scent


She cried out his name as she started falling falling falling

And right underneath the stars where they dream

and whisper promises of forever,

he sees it. And he knew.

Slipper, delicate glass.

He’ll survive without her.

Won’t he?


Photo by Caleb Stokes on Unsplash

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