“Master, they have arrived.”

I nodded, needing to speak no more, knowing that everything was done according to my exacting instructions.

I leisurely walked toward the direction of the first chamber, the hallway quiet as I mentally filed through each one I will meet today, satisfied of what each of them has done.

They are all to be met separately, as they deserve.

The first one’s life had barely begun – cancer is such a thief – but she lived the years she had full of wonder and cheer.

The other one enjoyed almost a century and made the most of it. I guarantee his name will live on a century more.

I paused as I thought of one other. Now, that one was a close call. But they held on and managed to turn things around, fighting hard against the horror of what humans do to each other.

A quick spear of anger went through me as I think about the many who thought they knew better than I did. Who had the audacity to think they had the right to send life to me.


I am Death and I am inevitable.

I am in no rush.

I walked through the doors of the first chamber and there she is. Oh, she is so magnificent!

“My child,” I say lovingly. “You have done so well.”

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