There was an odd knocking on the door.

Juan glanced at the clock, his bones creaking as bit as he shifted in his seat.

Two in the morning. Well.

He stood up as the odd knocking sounded again, reaching for the cane beside his chair. He did not bother to call out. They will wait.

Shuffling slowly, his hand shaking slightly as he gripped his cane, Juan allowed him self a moment to feel. Irk that he spent a long time waiting. Hope that this is what he has been waiting for. Annoyance that there’s no else around to answer the door. Grief that he had no one.

He had had no one for years.

Juan opened the door and squinted at the three hooded figures standing patiently outside his door.

“Is it time then?”

The figure on the right lifted its head, revealing the impish smile of an elderly gentleman as he nodded.

“Well, it’s about time,” Juan said testily. “I’ve been waiting for years.”

A hiss came from the one on the left, and Juan shrank back at the cold stare of an old man from beneath the cloak.

“It’s just…It’s been so long.” Juan mumbled as he averted his gaze.

Then, in a small voice that seemed younger than his years, “will it hurt?”

The third figure stepped forward and reached a hand out toward Juan. He felt a soft hand cup his cheek and he looked up to find the soft eyes of a young woman watching him.

Those eyes spoke of compassion and encouragement and a deep, deep love. It comforted him more than he cared to admit.

He let go of his cane and took a shaky step through the doorway.

“All right then.”

He did not look back.

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