Humans are funny creatures.

Since creation, I have always marvelled at how optimistic the human race is.

Yes, optimistic. All the horrible, terrible things they do to each other cannot discount the fact that humans still believe that there is good in everyone. That the good will prevail. That no matter how horrible, terrible things are, it would be worth it for the rewards they will achieve eventually.

It’s very admirable, if a bit misinformed.

And oh, the stories they tell!

They love their heroes do they? The ones who would save them or, at the very least, help them along the way.

I am the bringer of good news they say. I announced the arrival of their saviour, after all. When I appear, they say, it means the are about to receive the news of a blessing from capital G God.

They refuse to talk about how often they misunderstand my messages. They prefer to avoid dwelling on the fact that I speak to them in vague and oftentimes incomplete riddles – riddles I know most of them do not have the capacity to unravel.

They call me angel, and they’re not wrong. But as always, they misunderstand my intentions. They think that my riddles are a test to see who is worthy of the message. To determine which one is the most righteous one to receive the gift.

No. I do that because it’s fun.

Humans are funny creatures in that they think the whole world revolves around them.

If you’ve lived millennia like I have, you find that you can twist that around so you can have a bit of entertainment.

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