When dreams of being human again were fulfilled, the palace shone.

More than the laughter, there is an almost tangible pulsing breath of contentment. Of hope.

One can almost taste the joy in the air as everyone celebrates love and its powers. That is, everyone but the two whose love they celebrate.

Because love is a funny thing.

Love is a funny, funny thing.

The lucky ones ride off into the sunset with stars in their eyes vibrant enough to show them the path as they weather life’s storms together.

Others find themselves trapped in a castle of their own making.

Because the thing about love is that it does not guarantee that one will change. Nor does it guarantee that things will remain the same.

Oftentimes, it simply makes one more accepting, with the stars in their eyes blinding them temporarily to the faults they usually won’t find acceptable.

Blinding, not illuminating.

He became a man once again but he never said that he was less beastly in that form.

And she? Well, she didn’t fall for the man.


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